Different Approaches to Using Shelving Around the House

When most people think of using something like stainless steel shelving, ideas that include placing the shelves in closets and pantries come to mind. In fact, metal shelving can be utilized in just about any area of the home. Here are some ideas that will make it easier to think outside the box and provide a decorative and practical element to any room.

Shelving as Part of a Window Treatment

It’s not unusual for the homeowner to have no idea what to do with the space over a window frame. One approach is to install some type of metal shelving that’s the same length as the frame or possibly a little longer. For the window proper, use blinds and a couple of simple panels. Once the shelf is in place, use it to arrange a collection of books, artificial greenery or, possibly, some type of knick-knack that picks up the color of the panels. Along with being a practical storage approach, it also adds something else of interest in the room.


An Element For an Accent Wall

Accent walls are intended to enhance the look of a room by offering elements not found elsewhere in the space. Along with using a different color for the wall, consider the idea of using one or more metal shelves to create a display that catches the eye. Feel free to display treasures on the shelves and visually connect the shelving with the aid of mirrors or wall art. The result will be an eclectic and visually appealing focal point for the room.

Making a Short Kitchen Wall More Functional and Decorative

The kitchen has a short wall adjacent to the rear door. Nothing seems to fit in the space without making things look crowded. Consider the idea of pairing a chrome wire shelve and some type of artwork that picks up the colors used for the kitchen. The shelve can provide a practical space for placing a small container and using it to keep wooden spoons and similar utensils within reach.

The use of metal shelving around the house is only limited by the imagination of the homeowner. Take a look around the room and identify one or two places where adding a shelf would improve the layout and the function. After that first project, identifying other spots will not be hard at all.


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